Our Introduction

More About The JoyJ Initiative

Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Jesus’s guidance can be expressed by all loving organizations when articulated through the Golden Rule: “Treat others how you wish to be treated.” The JoyJ Initiative aims to infuse this concept into contemporary society by offering direct outreach to underprivileged communities. JoyJ volunteers not only provide comfort bags with essential survival items but share a conversation and a smile with someone who may feel unseen. The JoyJ Initiative began in 2013 with just 12 comfort bags distributed by volunteers at a Catholic parish on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. JoyJ was incorporated as a public charity open to all in 2014. Today, over ten thousand volunteers worldwide have reached 100,000 people in need. But, there are SO many more people who need our help.
Our Introduction

More About JoyJ

In a world where connections are increasingly superficial, we aim to foster meaningful human connections by offering unique programs for groups and individuals to provide aid and comfort to those experiencing homelessness as well as other communities undergoing hardship. The JoyJ Initiative is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and 100% of funds donated are used to purchase essential items and cover other expenses directly related to our programs.
How Outreaches Work

Connect With Your Community

JoyJ provides essential support to disadvantaged communities, including people suffering from homelessness and poverty. We do this through a series of unique programs where volunteers get an opportunity to engage in “spontaneous philanthropy” - Unlike simply donating money to a faceless organization, our programs provide a chance for engagement directly between volunteers and people in need. This is the most powerful 'human' aspect of our organization and helps to provide a far-reaching impact on the community.

Organizers receive donations online and from the local community.

Organizers buy supplies and pack them into comfort bags.

Volunteers receive an Orientation and then head out in teams.

Teams distribute the comfort bags in their community.

"Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping." -Fred Rogers