On November 9th, The JoyJ Initiative will hold its third Annual Walk to raise money and awareness to help people who are experiencing  homelessness. Along the way, we will distribute our unique green comfort bags filled with much needed basic supplies and food to the homeless.

Your support, participation, and encouragement has been crucial to so many people in New York and elsewhere over the years. To date, our community of over 4,000 individual volunteers has helped over 18,000 people in need, through both the distribution of comfort bags as well as the gift of kind and compassionate conversation. Because JoyJ is a 100% volunteer-run organization, you are the life-blood of this program! Thank you for achieving this success with us.
The 2019 JoyJ Homeless Walk — our core annual awareness and fundraising event— has been scheduled for November 9 th in New York City.  This year, you can start the Walk from multiple locations throughout the city and then join our entire community in a group gathering after completing the Walk. Feel free to choose whichever location is most convenient for you.
Please register, start team, and consider donating to the Walk with the link below:
As always, we thank you in advance for your help in making this event a memorable one with strong participation and funds raised. To re-emphasize, every member of our organization is not an employee but a volunteer, so as always 100% of every tax-deductible donation is used for our homelessness outreach programs.
We hope to see you on the November 9 th!!
–The JoyJ Walk Team–


A Girl Scout, Annamarie, has been working towards her Gold Award. She has been able to provide the pets of the homeless dog/cat food, toys, blankets, and other pet supplies. By starting collection boxes at Blessed Sacrament Church and Saint Anthony of Padua in New York City, Annamarie started to put together “doggy bags” every month. She also received a large number of donations from a senior executive producer Ann Edelberg at MSNBC.

JoyJ Initiative will now have bags not just to give to the person, but also be able to help their furry companions.

Annamarie hopes that one day this will be able to expand into all JoyJ Initiative outreaches.





On July 1st, volunteers and their families helped over 200 elderly people in need. They reached them in remote location bringing food and other necessities. Thank you for caring and supporting the neediest among us!



Since 2016, JoyJ is making an impact in some of the poorest areas of the The Philippines. Our volunteers are welcome with appreciation and gratitude. Thanks to our volunteers for their continued commitment and dedication! #helpingtogether #joyj





On April 5th, the Blackstone Group hosted a JoyJ outreach at their offices in New York City. The employees and their families did a great job around Grand Central and Port Authority helping and comforting one hundred people experiencing homelessness.
A big thank you to the organizers and the volunteers for their support to the neediest among us!
Join us: info@joyj.org

Each outreach is a step towards a more human and compassionate world.


JoyJ’s Corporate Outreach program continues to make an impact to employees and the homeless! We’d like to thank Wavestone’s NYC 12 employees who distributed 40 bags on September 8 for sharing their time and joy to make the world a better place. Thank you to all involved!


On Friday June 9th, over 20 volunteers from Deloitte packaged and distributed 50 comfort bags in the area surrounding their offices. The day was a rousing success for our Corporate Outreach team as Deloitte employees exhibited support and enthusiasm for our cause. Numerous connections were made within their community and experiences were shared after the great day. Organizers from Deloitte could not have been happier with the outcome and have already expressed interest in hosting future outreaches. We thank them for the opportunity and look forward to working with them again!

London Outreach

On June 23rd, JoyJ hosted a corporate outreach in London! 11 warm hearted volunteers distributed bags throughout the neighborhoods of Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square and Marble Arch. Amazing day helping the homeless community.