JoyJ Outreach in Malambo, Colombia!

Volunteer - 1

On March 26th, we started a chapter in the city of Malambo, one of the most impoverished places on the Atlantic Coast. During the outreach, 40 volunteers delivered many comfort bags to the less fortunate.

This activity went beyond having a social impact; it gave us the wonderful opportunity of giving back to the community, building awareness, and creating experiences of a lifetime that we will not only always remember deeply in our hearts, but has touched the lives of the people receiving the care packages. We want to share with you some images of the experience, so you can see how many lives the volunteers touch during outreaches like these:
Use your hands to serve and your hearts to give love. Volunteers, your time is worth gold. Therefore, the least we can do is appreciate your dedication, effort and empathy for those in need. YOU volunteers, are a fundamental part within our organization. Because of your work, we could reach less fortunate people, who surely feel very blessed because of your help. Again, we cannot thank you enough for your valuable service to JoyJ.
We are looking forward to new outreaches and chapters. Make sure to check Facebook for upcoming events going on in the JoyJ community. Thank you so much!