Pricing & Fees


JoyJ is a one-of-a-kind nonprofit, and the way we organize our outreaches and manage our finances reflects our commitment!
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Pricing & Fees

There is no cost for you to join our community, and you can rest assured that donations made through JoyJ are efficiently delivered to their intended destination. That being said, in order for us to achieve our mission and provide the best tools, training, and support to our amazing volunteers, we do retain a small percentage of every donation.

How it Works

We pass along the 3% processing fee that third parties charge us at no markup to our organizers. From there, we retain a 5% nonprofit support fee. You can learn more about how these fees are determined in the chart below. 100% of the JoyJ fee is used to support our programs!

JoyJ works hard to keep costs low. A minimum of 85¢ of every $1 donated goes directly to a specific outreach. More importantly, for every $1 that goes to fees, we’ll raise, on average, an equal amount through our marketing efforts, fundraising campaigns, corporate partnerships, and gift cards.