Updates on our JoyJ Initiative in Zambia

Updates on our JoyJ Initiative in Zambia

JoyJ Initiative launched a unique project in Zambia that could become a model for sustainable and self-sufficient non-profit projects

The first month of the JoyJ-funded chicken production business project went quite well with one small hiccup which was handled efficiently.  Twenty of the 400 chickens were infected with a virus transmitted by a small amount of sawdust that wasn’t sterilized adequately. To ensure that the rest of the chicken could be sold before they were affected, the decision was made to sell them when they were  weeks old as opposed to waiting until they had attained full optimal age. 

Still, Fountain of Hope earned $1,570 from the sale (!) which was used to buy 400 more chickens, materials such as sawdust, disinfectant, virus killing spray and other necessities for keeping the chickens healthy and growing. There was also money left over from the sale of the chickens to buy food for the orphanage that was sorely needed. The project is off and running!


Bringing smile on everyone's faces!

In January, a new cycle of 25 adolescent mothers will come to Mama Courage for training and 12 of those teenagers are funded by the JoyJ Initiative grant.  Twelve young women whose lives–and whose children’s lives–will be improved forever because of JoyJ’s donors’ generosity!